Founded and chartered in 1952, the Cheshiremen Chorus is the Keene, New Hampshire Chapter of the international “Barbershop Harmony Society" (BHS) – Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America (SPEBSQSA)*.  We are the first and therefore oldest chapter in New Hampshire and a sub-group of the regional Northeastern District of the Society which comprises 60 more chapters throughout the northeast US and maritime Canada and eastern New York state. We are proudly recognized as one of the region's premier, original choral organizations by encompassing the Barbershop Harmony Society's vision of an ever-growing, singing fraternity, drawn together by love of the four-part, a cappella, close-harmony style of music known as "Barbershop."

The men of the Cheshiremen Chorus perpetuate the barbershop style of music and the goals of our chapter through a strong, ever-improving music program that provides continuous education to our members through dynamic, entertaining performances on stage, in halls, streets, and fields throughout the towns and cities of our tri-state region of New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont – wherever the opportunity exists for wholesome, fun, entertaining, and unplugged vocal harmony.

The Cheshiremen Chorus endeavors to be a leader in the cause of preserving and encouraging vocal music in our education systems and in our communities as a lifelong recreational activity and as an essential element in one’s cultural being. For our members, we maintain a well-rounded program that blends together singing, performing, family functions, quartetting, music education and fellowship while promoting fun and the opportunity for musical improvement. We view divisional and district contests as opportunities to quantify our progress in musical presentation and singing, and compete only to meter our goals of constantly improving our own presentation and performances.

You can sing, too!  You’re probably already a better singer than you think - but you don't need to sing alone when you can sing along. Anyone can be a singer. We can teach you, help you every step of the way, and share the fun of making music with men who are passionate about harmony. Making harmony… making friends. The Barbershop Harmony Society brings together men from across the continent, who love to make great a cappella harmony together. With more than 23,000 singers in the U.S. and Canada, we're the place where you'll find lots of opportunities to learn more about your voice and how to use it through weekly meetings, workshops, schools and instructional materials. You'll enjoy taking part in contests, presenting shows, and polishing your skills to their ultimate potential. The Keene Chapter has been around for almost 65 years!  Check us out today!

Now is a great time to Discover Harmony!  You are invited to join us anytime!  We meet in the lower dining room of the United Church of Christ church, at the head of Central Square, in downtown Keene, every Tuesday night starting at 7:00 PM.  See the menu link choices above, below or go here for directions: VISIT US.

You may contact us by phone, toll free at 877-31B-SHOP (877-312-7467), see or contact us online at, or via email at  Thank you!

“It’s Great to be a Cheshiremen!”

*The Society has 17 regional "districts" in the United States and also affiliate organizations throughout the world. (click for more information)

Our Current Director today - 2018 onward!

We are proud and fortunate to announce that Mark Brosseau has agreed to continue his fine directorial skills as the "new" Chorus Director of the Keene Cheshiremen Chorus. We are so fortunate to have him directing us!

More about Mark - soon!

Assistant Director - Craig Fisher


The "Co-" Duality Splits

Still GOOD for all!

On December 16, 2017, during our Christmas concert/show at the United Church of Christ in Keene, we announced and presented long-time Keene member and chorus director, Jim Kirschner, with our first (we believe) Certificate of Recognition as CHORUS DIRECTOR EMERITUS, as he soon embarked on a new adventure, moving from the area.  We are deeply appreciative of his numerous years of fine directorial skills and singing, his compassion for the art form of Barbershop Harmony, and his friendship.  Go forth and prosper, Jim!  We know you'll be singing again soon in California! Good luck!


Our Directors - pre-2018

The "Dynamic Harmonic Duo."  Co-Directors - JIM KIRSCHNER and MARK BROSSEAU.

Jim Kirschner and Mark Brosseau served as the Music Co-Directors of the Cheshiremen Chorus and had been doing so for over eight years (2017) after serving as Associate and Assistant directors respectively.  Both men sang and performed under the former direction of Dino Houpis and Jim Flanders.

Jim Kirschner sings lead and has over 40 years in barbershop and was named chapter Barbershopper of the Year in 1990.

Mark Brosseau sings baritone, has quartetted for over 35 years, studied Music Education at Keene State College, and was named chapter Barbershopper of the Year in 2004.

Jim and Mark can often be seen and heard singing in their quartet “Heart’s Accord” and found out-in-front with the Cheshiremen in performances throughout the Monadnock region.

“It’s Great to be a Cheshiremen!”

Past Directors

Hard work, high notes — monadnock profile, saturday, may 4, 1996 - keene Sentinel photo by MICHAEL MOORE, May 4, 1996 - 1 of 2

Hard work, high notes — monadnock profile, saturday, may 4, 1996 - keene Sentinel photo by MICHAEL MOORE, May 4, 1996 - 1 of 2


Hard work, high notes —

Monadnock Profile, Saturday, May 4, 1996 - Keene Sentinel


Hard work, high notes — monadnock profile, saturday, may 4, 1996 - keene Sentinel photo by MICHAEL MOORE, May 4, 1996 - 2 of 2

Hard work, high notes — monadnock profile, saturday, may 4, 1996 - keene Sentinel photo by MICHAEL MOORE, May 4, 1996 - 2 of 2

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