Junction 1-3-5


<<< from the 2015 NED Fall District Convention and Contests in Burlington, Vermont


(from left to right)

  • Casper Bemis, Lead
  • Allan Treadwell, Tenor
  • Andy Cooke, Bass
  • Mel Andrews, Baritone

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Heart's Accord (2018– )


(from left-to-right)

  • Erik Arvidson, Lead
  • Leif Arvidson, Tenor
  • Lawrence Graves, Bass
  • Mark Brosseau, Baritone

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Heart’s Accord offers a comfortable vocal blend accented by the gifted ranges of their tenor and bass singers, the bright, solid sound of their lead, and by the careful chord-shaping of their baritone.

The quartet originally formed in 2006 and just welcomed Erik Arvidson in 2018 as their new Lead singer - as long-time lead, Jim Kirschner moved to the opposite coast.

This new-lead quartet had an excellent time this past season during the chapter’s Singing Valentines program when Erik learned 4 songs for the occasion in just a couple of weeks!  They are looking forward to building their repertoire together and crafting new songs and some great old ones too.

Contact Heart's Accord directly at: heartsaccord@gmail.com to bring our version of barbershop harmony to you.



Heart's Accord (2006-2017) — —


(from left-up-down-right)

  • Lawrence Graves, Bass
  • Jim Kirschner, Lead
  • Mark Brosseau, Baritone
  • Leif Arvidson, Tenor

P Q 4 (prior to May-2018)

(from left to right)

  • Mike Little, Tenor
  • David Blake, Bass
  • Stan Hutchings, Baritone


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