2017 "Barbershopper of Distinction"

Current Award Winners!

Bestowed upon a chapter member for his efforts in promoting harmony within the chapter and his embodiment of the spirit and joy of singing barbershop.

Presented to an individual or individuals who have done substantial work in promoting Harmony in the Chapter. It is also presented to an individual or individuals who have made substantial contributions to the work of the Chapter.

The 2017 awards presented Friday evening, January 19th at the 66th Annual Dinner and Installation Ceremony of the Keene Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society.  Presented by Craig Fisher, previous awards winner and chair of the selection committee comprised of the past five BOTY award winners.


Scott Madden & Tom Rowett!

Chorus Director Emeritus (2017)


James E. Kirschner

For 34 years of service and harmony, Jim has earned the  honorable  status  of


We offer our most sincere appreciation for sharing your inspiring voice, wonderful musical interpretation, and excellent directorial skills.

In honor of your service to this chapter and within our community, thank you for making it “great to be a cheshiremen!”

Jim ~ there will always be a space for you ~ on, or in front of our risers ~ and in our hearts!

Good luck in your new adventures!

2016 "Barbershopper of the Year"

Current Award & Previous Winners

The Keene Chapter’s Barbershopper of the Year Award is presented annually to the Keene chapter member barbershopper in good standing who is deemed to exemplify the spirit and brotherhood of the Society. Among the qualifications are: consistent attendance at regular meetings, special rehearsals, and performances; taking an active interest in community affairs; and service to the chapter above and beyond the normal levels of participation.

Congratulations to Craig Fisher, 2016 recipient and heartfelt thanks to all previous awarded gentlemen ...
... for a job well done and "Beyond Tuesdays"!

Keene Chapter
Barbershopper of the Year
Year Member   Year Member
2016 Craig Fisher      
2015 Mark Brosseau   1997 Bob Whitney
2014 Dennis Hattie   1996 Peter Ketcham
2013 Mike Little   1995 Dino Houpis
2012 Bob Trombi   1994 Roger Martin
2011 Stan Hutchings   1993 Dave Bemis
2010 Richard Quintal   1992 Jim Flanders
2009 Leif Arvidson   1991 Norm Dumais
2008 Wayne Miller   1990 Jim Kirschner
2007 Lewis LaClair   1989 Casper Bemis
2006 Norm Bergeron   1988 Art Holtoroff
2005 Jeff Incandella   1987 David Peirce
2004 Mark Brosseau   1986 Roger Martin
2003 Steve Salamin   1985 Dick Neilsen
2002 Bob Meissner, Jr.   1984 Carl Hansen
2001 Allan Treadwell   1983 Roland Lindahl
2000 Jim Flanders   1982 Jack Kelly
1999 Don Bennett   1981 Bob Whitney
1998 Bob Lafond   1980 Dino Houpis
Please Note: The award is presented in January of the
following year, for the prior service year

About the 2016 Award...

Do you know what’s nice?

When a guy comes to nearly every meeting or sing-out event with a smile on his face and a ready, can-do attitude!

Craig is an amazing guy who loves to sing.  Like a lot of us, he’s descended from a family that cares about people and has music in their hearts and history.  His brother’s in a band, his dad recorded some gospel records, and even his grandmother sang at Carnegie Hall.  Craig has sung in (or directed) numerous church choirs, was in a singing group or two in college, but until recently never really got around to barbershop singing.

Craig is lucky to have a wife that thinks he a pretty good singer and she is very supportive of his efforts and he is generous with his time and the Cheshiremen.

He’s always checking in to see if we’re ok (he’s a pastor too!) and he’s always asking what he can do to help us sing better.

Thank goodness we got him before he actually took up the banjo!

This year’s honoree is a great example of men we love to sing with and we’re proud to recognize Craig Fisher as our Barbershopper of the Year for 2016.

~by Mark Brosseau, 2015 Recipient & Presenter

2015 Small Chorus Champions

NED Granite & Pine Division