When our activities call for performing in our uniform, you must appear with the complete uniform, clean, pressed, and in proper fit and repair in order to be allowed to perform in public.

The Music Director(s) or Chorus Manager(s) have the final decision in allowing a member to perform. Look your best!

FORMAL: Van Heusen Lux Sateen Blue Velvet LS shirt, silver tie, black pants-belt-socks-shoes. Undershirt? MUST be crew-neck.

INFORMAL - Blue Generation Red SS Twill logo-shirt, black pants-belt-socks-shoes. Undershirt? Must be no-show V-neck.

Buying? We strongly recommend that you be measured and fitted properly. Many a man has no idea of his sizes and measurements! When finalizing your uniform, whatever it might be, allow some leeway for comfort and joy.  Note that larger sizes will have a higher price.

On the items NOT supplied by the chapter, at local stores or online, very often special sale prices, or discount coupons, prevail – and we encourage you to buy ONLY this way at JC Penney & Kohl’s (because the quality is generally better).  Otherwise - you are paying too much.  Purchase/Order pants, shirt, belt, socks - as needed. Delivery usually is free and generally takes less than a week.  However, do not delay in acquiring these items!

Item A — Van Heusen® Lux Sateen Dress Shirt / Color: Blue Velvet.

Product Description:

  • Point collar with permanent stays

  • French placket

  • Long sleeves with adjustable 2-button cuffs

  • Button-front / Left chest pocket

  • Shirttail hem

  • Knife pleat at right and left of back

  • 55% Cotton/ 45% polyester - Washable / Imported

The shirt retails for $45-$55.  We originally ordered 42 shirts. The final landed cost/pricing does vary, depending on the vendor, promotions, quantity, availability and delivery charges.

Careful! The ONLY color is Blue Velvet. By NO other name!

2019 average price was $28 each.

Your cost/share is $14.00 each, on the first shirt. Regular sizes. Add $2-6 for tall/larger.

If you want a second shirt… you may buy your own at whatever cost.  If I have a second shirt in your size available – you may ask – it will be $28.  We are subsidizing one shirt at 50% as the “uniform.”

IN-STOCK   Limited Availability   Limited Availability
Neck / Sleeve (in.) O/H
Neck / Sleeve (in.) O/H   Line
Neck / Sleeve (in.) O/H
01 15 / 32-33 1   31 16.5 / 35-36     51 18 / 32-33  
02 15.5 / 32-33     32 17 / 35-36     52 18 / 34-35  
03 15.5 / 34-35     33 17 / 37-38     53 18.5 / 32-33  
04 16 / 32-33 3   34 17.5 / 35-36     54 18.5 / 34-35  
05 16 / 34-35     35 17.5 / 37-38     55 19 / 34-35  
06 16.5 / 32-33 2   36 18 / 35-36     56 20 / 34-35  
07 16.5 / 34-35     37 18 / 37-38          
08 17 / 32-33 2   38 18.5 / 35-36          
09 17 / 34-35     39 18.5 / 37-38          
10 17.5 / 34-35 1   40 19 / 35-36          
11 18 / 34-35 1   41 19 / 37-38          
        42 20 / 35-36          


When you FIRST receive your shirt:

  1. At home, open the shirt carefully, and save the packaging (just in case)

  2. Try the shirt on yourself.  Button the collar.  Everything feel and look good?

  3. If all is well, wash the shirt with LIKE colors, preferably cold (can be warm) wash.  Softener is OK.

  4. After drying, hang it up on a hanger, button the 2nd button down.

  5. Store safely.

This guy missed the email about  black pants!

This guy missed the email about black pants!

Item B — Blue Generation® BG-7217S Men's Short Sleeve / Color: RED w/ Logo

  • Teflon-Treated TWILL 65/35 poly/cotton blend, 6.5oz SHIRT

  • Soft touch finish

  • Stain Resistant / Wrinkle Resistant

  • Treated with DuPont Teflon Fabric Protector

  • Button down collar / Hemmed Sleeves

  • Button sleeve placket

  • Double back yoke  & 2 Side back pleats

  • Patch pocket with pencil slot / Bone Horn buttons

  • Classic Fit

  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL—6XL available (not all in-stock!)

Original: First used June 2006. Top End Sportswear, Keene.
Reordered: RJ Sports, Gilsum - 4/07 & 9/09; now Bulldog Design, Keene.

Last, 2018 PRICING: Shirt Cost including extra embroidery = $36.00

Member Cost: 1st Shirt = $18.00 (chapter subsidizes half);  after 1st shirt, $36.00


  1. Wash before FIRST wearing!

  2. Wash alone in warm water – with detergent.

  3. No bleach/additives.  The shirt will release color/bleed on the first few washings!  Careful!

  4. Liquid fabric softener is good/okay.

  5. Auto dryer is fine; fabric softener sheet okay.

  6. Remove from dryer immediately when done – hang.

  7. No further ironing usually necessary.  These are “easy-care”.  If you need to iron, warm setting only.  Be quick.

  8. LOGO: contains over 10,000 stitches with POLY (plastic) thread.  It may curl or the fabric may pucker on the edges a bit.  If you need to “flatten”:  DO NOT APPLY any-temperature iron directly to the stitches.  Always use a dish towel or wash-cloth between iron face and logo face (on top of logo & shirt).  Medium heat (not hot cotton setting) and gently warm the covering towel/cloth on the logo or the fabric around it.  Just heat gently and press.

This RED shirt normally must be worn with NO undershirt showing, only the very top collar-button, unbuttoned. If you like wearing an undershirt (recommended) - it needs to be a V-neck undershirt - so it will not show!

A BLACK Long-Sleeve Crew-Neck “under”shirt may be used with the RED twill short-sleeve shirt, during holiday or cooler-temp, less-formal sings.  No V-neck or turtle-neck here. Mock-turtle-neck is acceptable. It should “show.” MUST be black BLACK.

Item C — NECK TIES (2-3) - Supplied by chapter…

The chapter will LOAN you a performance uniform tie, or ties.

Currently (4/2019) TWO:

  1. RED TIE -

  2. SILVER confetti TIE -

    3. (old) Yellow Tie

Item D — BLACK PANTS - On your own…

  • Black

  • Plain-front Pants. Not pleated (looks better flat, plain front).

  • Legs: No cuffs, pleats, designs (tux).

  • All-polyester is best - stretch, no-iron, falls-well, easy clean. Le$$.

  • JCPenney - Stafford, Haggar / Kohl’s - Croft & Barrow, Van Heusen, Dockers.

  • Store brand and popular legacy brands are best. Le$$.

Item E — WHITE SHIRT (formal, official garb & occasions) - On your own…

Long Sleeve, Button-down collar, Plain White.

Poly/Cotton blends need less care. JCPenny and Kohl’s have best selection.

JCPenney - Stafford, Haggar / Kohl’s - Croft & Barrow, Van Heusen, Arrow.

Store brand and popular legacy brands are best. Le$$.

Buy on-sale! Use coupons, whatever!

Undershirt? MUST be crew-neck, no-show under the tie and dress shirt.


Item F — BLACK BELT & SOCKS - On your own…

Black narrow, leather/style belt.

Small, plain buckle, no designs.

Socks MUST be BLACK - not navy blue or dark brown.


Item G — BLACK SHOES — On your own…

BLACK dress shoes. Black tops and bottoms/soles. No other color.

Not: sneakers, slippers, sandals, work boots or running shoes.

No designs, off-color stitching, etc.

(yes, we’ve seen them all)


These selections shown above available
at Famous Footwear in Keene. 2019
Around $60-70.


OPTIONAL - limited availability/sizes

It’s Great to be a Cheshiremen!

Singing is Life… TEE SHIRT.

White screen-printed (ink) on Dark Blue/Navy TEE Shirt.

Thank You!