What’s “ALL the BUZZ” about ? Plus … see DIRECTIONS and PARKING INFO, below!

This new meeting home for the Cheshiremen Chorus affords us the opportunity to meet, sing and rehearse weekly, now back on our risers! It’s in an acoustically superior room, with all the accoutrements we’ve been missing for so many years, plus some new, exciting opportunities.

We are GRATEFUL and ENCOURAGED by the new relationship and joining the Center as a member organization. This IS our community and these ARE our friends and neighbors! Thank you for having us! “Everyone in Harmony!”

What Is Hannah Grimes Center?

HGC provides the space, tools, and connections that innovative entrepreneurs need to build strong businesses, thriving local economies and vibrant communities in the Monadnock Region. Select <<HERE>> to learn more!


Explore the world of barbershop harmony TODAY!

We meet EVERY Tuesday evening
from 6:30 to approx. 9:00 PM

Barbershop harmony is music that’s easy, fun, and anyone can sing it! You Can Sing Too!

Come join us in a song or two ... or just listen for a while! No pressure!  No secret handshake required!

FRONT ENTRANCE - 25 roxbury street

FRONT ENTRANCE - 25 roxbury street

REAR ENTRANCE - wells street lot - off wells street &amp; church street - and the wells street garage.

REAR ENTRANCE - wells street lot - off wells street & church street - and the wells street garage.

DIRECTIONS - it’s easy!

The TWO building entrances allow TWO different ways of arriving at the Hannah Grimes Center. Both work.

Members should NOT park in the FRONT lot at 25 Roxbury Street. Reserved spaces there are for tenants of all the area businesses. For us, it’s for OUR GUESTS ONLY!

  1. To - Front & Rear Entrance: Coming UP Main Street (north), do not enter the big rotary (Central Square, Gazebo). Turn-right at that first/only light onto Roxbury Street. Go just a half-block, on the right, see the sign and the LOT in front of Hannah Grimes Center (red-brown building). Parking is for guests in that lot - only. Members should find a space elsewhere… by continuing past Green Energy Options and the tiny Law Office building, see the “P” sign and turn-right and enter Roxbury Plaza. See “Information on Parking” below…

  2. To - Rear Entrance: Again, coming UP Main Street (north), seeing the Colonial Theater on the left side, across from it, before Central Square, turn-RIGHT onto Railroad Street (one-way), turn-LEFT onto Wells Street (one-way), enter the lot at the end of Wells Street, and park. If full, try the lower-level of the garage. Use the rear entrance. See “Information on Parking” below…

(Parking is free after 5:00 PM)

HannahGrimesC-Cmen-WORKING parking map1.jpg


It’s Easy!

Guests may park in the front lot on Roxbury Street, but do not park in ANY other reserved spot. Use a Hannah Grimes spot if available. If no spot …

Otherwise, exit that lot (right, back on Roxbury Street), don’t go far! Follow “P” signs & choose your best place to park…

  1. Metered spaces right on Roxbury Plaza drive, as you enter, on the way to the Garage.

  2. Garage METERED spaces only, lower level.

  3. Go THROUGH the garage, park in the Wells Street lot.

Street parking can work, too.

Note: Map shows the ONE-WAY direction of some streets!

NOTE: Parking is FREE after 5:00 PM! So - don’t pay!

Again - do not park in any space marked RESERVED! Day or Night! A RESERVED SPACE may be leased/reserved during BOTH time periods! You may be ticketed, or towed, if you park in a RESERVED spot! Even after 5:00 PM.

Google MAPS:

At right/next - just shows the TWO routes to arriving, as above - coming up Main Street.

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The Keene, NH Chapter of SPEBSQSA, Inc. (aka - The Barbershop Harmony Society)

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 225 • Keene, NH 03431-0225


Weekly Rehearsals & Annual Meeting, including monthly Board of Directors:


HANNAH GRIMES CENTER for Entrepreneurship

25 Roxbury Street • Keene, NH 03431

Call Us / Email Us:

Toll Free / Voice Messaging:

1 - 8 7 7 - 3 1 2 - 7 4 6 7 / info@cheshiremen.org

That's: 1-877-31B-SHOP