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Last update: Sunday-Sept-23-2018


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To Download Only both PDF sheet music and MP3 learning audio files to your computer:

  • Download individual PDF sheet music -and- individual MP3 audio files, one by one.

  • Download whole folders containing multiple files as a single "zip" (assembled/compressed) file.

  • You'll need to UN-zip the folder to use the files on your computer.

1-B. Dropbox (you have a Dropbox account) - INSTRUCTIONS

To Transfer files to YOUR Dropbox folder/account.

to your account...

  • Transfer individual PDF sheet music -and- individual MP3 audio files, one by one.

  • Transfer whole folders containing multiple files - as a folder.

You are welcome to Open your own FREE* Dropbox account and transfer to YOUR Dropbox ... and use anytime, anywhere!

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2. Google Drive - INSTRUCTIONS
   (no sign-in or account needed)

To Listen to or Download individual MP3 Audio Files.

  • Listen to audio files directly via your browser player. Anytime. Anywhere with connection.

  • Download single files only. Select file and allow to play - select the download icon.

  • Downloading a folder full of audio files is not possible.

  1. Select button below. Google Drive opens to the Folder chosen, in GRID view (icons), showing 2 sub-folders: one for PDF sheet music, one for audio files.

  2. Select the "LIST" view option. See the same choices, now displayed as line items.

  3. Make selection.

  4. Continue to your desired audio file.

  5. Select file. See image below...

  6. Audio file begins to play. Select "Download" icon to save the audio file to your computer.

Barberpole Cat Program

Learn and Perform the Society’s “Barberpole Cat” Songs

"Polecats” are fun songs and easy to learn!  The original 12 standard songs (version 1) are known and sung by many, perhaps ALL, across the Society and provide an easy way to begin harmonizing immediately with those you know, or with those you have just met along the way.  Men and women barbershop harmony singers learn these and they allow YOU to sing with any group - as long as you have all four parts!  Makes for easy and successful harmony - and friends!  Anywhere, anytime!  We are THE only vocal a cappella organization that has such a fabulous, inclusive feature!  Cool beans!

1. Original 12 "Polecats" ( rev. 1987 ) - - - - - - - - - -

2. New / Additional "Polecat" Songs - 12 More Added in 2015 - - - - - - - - - - -

The Society published 12 additional songs to the "Polecat" repertoire (version 2) - songs that many chapters and men were already singing nationwide and thereby making them popular.  So here are 12 more!