Revised 11/14/2010

Welcome, dear guest, to the Keene Cheshiremen Chorus!

During this evening and beyond you will be introduced to our members and share in the experience we enjoy by singing in a barbershop chorus.  We’ll find out a bit about you, discover your vocal placement, assign you a riser buddy, and get you singing some barbershop chords!

We began our experiment as co-directors of this chorus after long tenures as associate and assistant directors and coaches for the chapter.  Currently and throughout we have maintained our membership and participated as singers on the risers.  We approach our duties cooperatively by building on our individual strengths as singers, performers, and teachers; all the while holding our commitment to energizing chorus activities beyond performance rehearsals and by attempting to integrate the tenets of the barbershop idiom by involving our members in sing-outs, quarteting, tag singing, and woodshedding whenever possible.

Our chapter is comprised of men from all walks of life, faiths, careers, and ages.  It is in this diversity that we find and capitalize upon a common goal in our desires to become better singers and to discover that little bit of something extra that inspires us to perform enticing traditional harmonies through the personal and portable medium of barbershop singing.

We have committed to working more closely than ever with our music team in choosing music centered in the barbershop style and we have polled the membership to be certain to keep our musical selections interesting and challenging for all.  Our music Team provides sheet music and part-predominant learning CD’s to help learning music by listening and singing along.

We are always striving to improve our ensemble sound, both as a chorus and within each voice section of tenor, lead, baritone, and bass.  We talk about “Why Not Always?” when coaching the chorus to remind them to apply musicality and craft to every song.  As co-directors we have taken our direction from our chorus’s desire to improve and to sing more. 

We are proud of the progress of this chorus and we encourage you to let us help you find your voice and a place on the risers for you. We are constantly striving to make our regular meetings inclusive and “compellingly attractive” and fun – so, thank you for visiting with us and please consider joining us again since in our opinion, every Tuesday night is a guest night!

Mark R. Brosseau

Jim Kirschner