Junction 1-3-5


<<< from the 2015 NED Fall District Convention and Contests in Burlington, Vermont


(from left to right)

  • Casper Bemis, Lead
  • Allan Treadwell, Tenor
  • Andy Cooke, Bass
  • Mel Andrews, Baritone

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Heart's Accord (2018– )


(from left-to-right)

  • Erik Arvidson, Lead
  • Leif Arvidson, Tenor
  • Lawrence Graves, Bass
  • Mark Brosseau, Baritone

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Heart's Accord (2006-2017)


(from left-up-down-right)

  • Lawrence Graves, Bass
  • Jim Kirschner, Lead
  • Mark Brosseau, Baritone
  • Leif Arvidson, Tenor

Heart’s Accord is currently regrouping after the departure of Jim Kirschner, for California!  Good luck Jim!  A replacement LEAD is in-process.
Heart's Accord offers a comfortable vocal blend accented by the gifted ranges of their tenor and bass singers, the emotional styling of their lead, and by the careful chord-shaping of their baritone. They feature a full repertoire rich in traditional barbershop, including ballads and inspirational music, as well as novelties, up-tunes, and more.
The quartet has often competed at division con- tests and have qualified and competed at the district level and International Prelims and have been the featured training quartet onstage at Harmony College Northeast. They have received coaching from James Dodge of the Singing A’s Team from the New England District, and from many gold medalists.
This energetic and engaging quartet has delivered countless Singing Valentines and have been featured in school programs, birthdays, anniversaries, churches, dinner events, Keene’s Ice Festival, and more.

P Q 4

(from left to right)

  • Mike Little, Tenor
  • Scott Olmstead, Lead
  • David Blake, Bass
  • Stan Hutchings, Baritone


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